As a teacher and performer of music, the most important thing to learn about music is how to interpret the music and to convey that interpretation to communities throughout the world. Teaching music is an essential component in a child’s education because it helps students to develop skills such as time management, communication,patience, and perseverance.

    As a music teacher, I believe that a fusion of Classical, World, Composition and Contemporary music can help to expand a student’s ability to master complex rhythms and to broaden the range of musical interpretations and to retain the history and knowledge of each Genre of Music. In addition, I encourage my students to integrate their knowledge of music into other content areas of study, such as math and language arts. Such integration enhances the learning of all subjects and gives my students meaningful access to the curriculum that I provide.

    I believe in equality of opportunity. Each student deserves equal opportunities to learn music. Students should have fair access to instruction suited to their abilities, interests, and talents. I strive to reach out to both the most and least advanced students no matter what age and to use a variety of techniques to relate to the different learning styles and student experiences. Utilizing these teaching methods, I am able to reach out to each student, introduce new concepts, foster an engaging learning environment, and to help students expand their potential in becoming successful students and well rounded individuals.